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Artificial stone veneer mould: production technology for your business

Новосибирск, Новосибирская область  |  Добавлено: 8 декабря 2015 г. в 12:30  |  Просмотров за май: 3  |  Номер объявления: 1930227
Artificial facing stone imitates the texture of natural stone. Also, cultured stone copies the appearance of the decorative brick, old wood and other exclusive materials. The thickness of stone veneer can range from 6-8 mm. to 5 cm! And the weight of the decorative facing is from 5 to 50 kg per 1 square meter of surface. This is 2-3 times less than natural stone or brick. Thus, artificial stone high quality is almost indistinguishable from its natural prototype. Molds for artificial stone veneer are made of high quality polyurethane (or silicone) rubber. This is a special rubber for concrete and plaster. Polyurethane rubber is used for concrete (high alkali resistance and abrasion resistance) . Silicone molds are usually used for gypsum. Rubber mould show the texture of natural stone very precisely. In our collection there are more than 100 models, rubber molds with the natural textures of stone, wood, brick or metal. You can check the current prices at our sales managers. Zikam Stone mo
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